Friday, 5 May 2017

Space Pug - Lighting Tests 1#

Now that the Pre-Viz is close to render worthy I've started to pay more attention to the lighting of the scene. The first step is making the lighting in the Space Station look a bit better, to that end I played around with different lights and shadows and currently ended up putting a single point light in the scene.

 The top image is the original lighting before I made modifications. Genghis' eyes are so dark they don't even show up.

These scenes have a lot of movement to see how the light would react to Space Pug's movement. It's looking much bett,er the shadows are still a bit grainy but are looking okay. I turned up the ambient colour on Genghis's eyes to make them show up.

 Current render time for the whole scene is between 2-3:30 minutes, not bad but I might try to get it down a bit. The rim lights are also looking good.

These are not final render images as not all of the meshes in the scene have been smoothed yet.

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  1. Hey Max - you'll want to read this :)