Thursday, 16 March 2017

Space Station - Lighting 2#

More refining of the lighting inside the Space Station, I toned down the ambient occlusion and even removed it from some surfaces, the result is a darker and brings out the bump maps a bit more. At the same time the render times are also a bit faster. I will probably stick with this kind of lighting for the Space Station.

Green lighting that might need to be toned down more.

Lighting effects on the "ceiling" of the Space Station.

A weird purple light that comes from the trash disposal.

Still a bit dark inside but close to getting it right.


  1. Looking very rich and atmospheric, Max - well done :)

  2. oh, but I still think you should upsize your images a bit more... one size up from these?

    1. Thanks Phil :) yeh, I'll update them now.