Saturday, 11 March 2017

Space Pug - Asteroid

With Space Pug nearing completion I decided to focus on other aspects of production such as the props which have until now been neglected. Todays work focused on producing an asteroid hidden in the Black Hole's shadow that Genghis bashes head first into.

The asteroid consists of a simple mesh with a displacement map attached, I haven't used or practiced displacement maps before so this took a few attempts to get right and even now it has some unwanted sharp edges.

The asteroid also has a bump ramp and rim light, I originally had the colour grey but chose green because it seemed more in line with the strange and odd colours that are often depicted in outer space


  1. Hey Max - great to see - but how about looking at the way you're presenting your images on here - these are tiny and squashed to the left of your blog - as if they're not key or of real interest. Can I suggest you simple align centrally, present them large, use text above and below (as opposed to how it appears here) and use the caption option to give readers specific info on the image to which it refers?