Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Space Pug - Black Hole Experiments

Black_Hole_Experiments from Max Ashby on Vimeo.

Started a few try outs in order to create a Black Hole, Maya doesn't allow for the collapsing of stars so this is how it'll work. A lot of trial and error has been involved so far, mostly in seeing what works and what doesn't.

I tried using a gravity field in Maya to see if it were possible to draw objects towards a point in space, this didn't really work as gravity in Maya works differently to the real world, maybe a bit more experimentation is required on this.

The actual hole will be a funnel design rather than a sphere, to mimick the misconception of a black hole as a "portal" that absorbs everything. That wasn't too difficult, I applied a lambert shader with no reflectivity to create a fully black object.

The next part which I spent quite a long time attempting was creating an accretion disk, that is the glowing disk of matter around the black hole. Experimented with particles for this, eventually creating a NURBS circle as an emitter with a Vortex field. Not a bad result but the number of particles needs to be more and the thickness of them greater.


  1. Hi Max - I'd recommend exploring this idea in conjunction with After Effects (Compositing). Take a look at 'Videocopilot.net' and Youtube, there a lots of how to manke black holes and galaxy's on there. Watch a few, pick up some techniques to use with Maya output, and then design your own.

    1. Thanks Alan, yeh using After Effects will also be a big part of the design