Saturday, 24 September 2016

Project Proposal : Space Pug


The type of project: 2-3 minute animated short

Core Concept/idea: A space pug must rescue his favoured chew toy from the treacherous clutch of a black hole.

Research path: I want to research Soviet space programs, particularly the ones concerning the use of dogs. In addition I also want to research black holes and their effects.

Goals: To create a finished animated short that demonstrates both technical skill as well as being an engaging piece of entertainment. To successfully create rigged and textured characters capable of realistic movement. 

Outcomes: To create a finished, polished animated short. By the end of the minor project, two rigged and prepared characters should be read for animating.

Week 1 - 2 = Proposal, development of proposal, refining of the story.
Week 3 - 6 = Production of artwork, concepts, etc
Week 7 - 14 = Production of Assets (Maya characters, etc).

This is my proposal for my 3rd Year project; Space Pug. I hope this is a realistic proposal and will refine it from here.

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