Monday, 7 March 2016

Adaptation B - Oppenheimer Thumbnails, Page 2

This is the last set of thumbnails depicting Oppenheimer in his disembodied form.

The thumbnail I like the most is at the bottom, the tank like chair vehicle. In this concept he has a furnace/forge/engine on the front of his vehicle that creates bomb parts when components are placed inside.

Originally I wanted to go for a more static character made up of computers and other components. Although I like this design it looks too ramshackle and doesn't have many moving parts.


  1. If you haven't already, seeing the kinds of robots they came up with in the '30s could help with ideas. There's only a couple of real-world robots but the idea of a killer robot came up in movies.

  2. They look cool and I want him to be robotic, but not in a humanoid form, it's more interesting with Oppenheimer in a different shell.