Thursday, 3 March 2016

Adaptation B - Oppenheimer Thumbnails, Page 1

These are more thumbnails for Oppenheimer, specifically drawin on thumbnal 8 from my previous set.

This is the main character I want to focus on, as the Manhattan project is ultimately a weapons/research project it makes sense for a scientist to be the player's character.

I want Oppenheimer to look both evil and military like at the same time, intitially he was to be made of common household items but this doesn't fit with the professional, military/scientific standard of the project.

Oppenheimer also needs to like quite like a "villain" in keeping with the villainous nature of the project.


  1. The version of him that's riding a unicycle is hilarious, but I agree he needs more of a sinister factor to him. What if he assembled his robot body using mechanics' tools?

  2. That would be cool but quite challenging to model, I want to have him create bomb parts in his body somehow.