Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptation A - Reasons you didn't get laid...

My infographic centres on quite a sensitive subject, that being said the opportunities to create something quite funny out of it are big. I ultimately want an infographic that is funny in the sort of crude humor that surrounds issues about sex but makes people think about why they haven't lost their virginity.

A couple of the current "reasons" which I would like to touch upon are realistic and also funny, reasons like;

Unrealistic expectations - Sounds like a pretty realistic assumption...

Poor Hygiene - Yep, also sounds pretty certain.

Being too "creepy" - Misinterpreted actions or just plain weirdness.

Being ugly or not attractive enough - Do not despair, this varies according to each person

Having no idea what your doing - Pretty common.

Shyness or low confidence - Courage takes painful time and patience.

These are only first-idea questions, I will send out a questionnaire or survey to get people's answers or to discover new question and reasons.

As to methods of how I am going to create a visual design of the infographic I have thought maybe about using stop-motion animation as a method.

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