Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Adaptation B - Initial Ideas

I am currently struggling to come up with some ideas for Adaptation B amidst fears that my ideas will either be too generic or already done. For this project I want to engage in character design for games, partly because I haven't really done much character (especially human character) design yet and I want an oppurtunity to be able to do this now. The two ideas I want to embrace are either science-fiction or warfare.

These are my first ideas;

1) A human character from a science fiction book; Roadside Picnic. The character is named Redrick Schuhart, he is a scavenger/thief who collects alien artifacts from hazardous zones. His appearance and personality are described throughout the book.

2) A robotic/human character from another science fiction book; The Automatic Detective. A former war machine turned crime detective.

3) Soldiers from the book Stalingrad; Either Russian or German soldiers during different (and decisive) parts of the battle.

4) Soldiers from the Vietnam War; Vietnam was a war caught up in all manner of turbulent political and ethical themes which could be drawn on very well. The phrase "We had to burn the village in order to save it" appeals quite well to this war.

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