Sunday, 27 December 2015

Character Project - Spaceman Props

Props for the spaceman, this includes a more detailed version of the Scale device which has been properly designed and annotated.

The gun has been named (for now) the "Model.2207 Quad-Ray" (in reference to 4 co-ordinates needed to reshape 3D objects). I wanted it to seem like a commercial tool from space-age 1950s. The ray is unwieldly on account of its size, the technology is not yet advanced enough for a streamlined version to have been created.

The canister contains Uranium, specifically Uranium-235, the same isotope used in nuclear weapons, it seemed appropriate for such a device.

The shoulder badges and chest star are also explored, the badges are similar to military style badges but instead look like hazard signs to be more fitting in a hazardous environment. They also show a bread silhouette and an atom silhouette in order to show the allegiance to food mining operations and use of atomic science.

The chest star is more of a cosmetic look than functional object, it is meant to symbolise a united humanity but is really more for show than anything else, it makes the armour look a bit more interesting.

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