Sunday, 4 October 2015

Group Project/Narrative - Refined ideas

After talking with my group about the project and trying to pin down things we managed to nail down some solid ideas. Firstly we all decided that of all the types of jealousy our movie should be about the jealousy of loss, this is because it is relatable to the audience and everyone will have experinced this in their lives at some point. This kind of jealousy stems from the fear that someone close (like a partner or close friend) will be taken away from them.

Another aspect that we have decided on is the number of characters for our project; 2-3 characters, this was chosen for the reason that two characters form the core relationship and a third (possibly) as the outside party. A major aspect of the plot is focusing on the jealous character so it may not be necessary to include the third party who may take the attention away from the jealous party.

What I want to happen is for the audience to sympathise with the character who feels the jealousy, I also want the ending to have a lasting impression like the conflict in the plot is not resolved, the jealous party will remain jealous even at the end of the story.


One of the plots that our group focused on is the idea of a scientist creating a robot that can simulate emotions therefore giving context to develop the feeling of jealousy. The robot could simply be a prototype or simple model intended as little more than an experiment by the scientist, it however develops a bond with the scientist. --- The scientist however decides to build a newer robot or meets someone which sturs the new founded emotions of the robot leading to it becoming jealous.

A plot that I also like is one that involves three characters; a scientist and two smaller alien forms are being held inside glass boxes for study. The scientist works diligently to study both aliens who begin to form an attachement with the scientist. One of the aliens begins to recieve more attention than the other and begins to exhibit jealousy. The alien that receives more attention could be bigger or more interesting to see. The jealousy could manifest itself as symptoms or changes in the physiology of the alien.

The glass box forms a particularly important part of this plot since it represents the inability to act or barrier that stops people from taking back their treasured relation.

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