Thursday, 29 October 2015

Group Project - Concept Work - Laboratory

A piece of environment art, this is our robot laboratory. A few things I want to capture are the minimal human presence, there is only a cap and lab coat and no personal effects. The lighting is to focus on the robots so that the audience sees them rather than the lab. The robot that is the target of jealousy is situated behind glowing computer screens and has cables running to it, like it is to be the centre of attention.

The general unkempt appearance of the lab is meant to evoke the emotions of a scientist who toils endlessly and probably painfully towards his goal of creating an emotional robot, as such there are spare parts and mess from where he has neglected to clean up in pursuit of his goal.

1 comment:

  1. I'm liking this so far, You have sense of this being a workspace. Though I'm liking the colours, I feel that it might be worth seeing what happens if you add more? Also I really want to grab this image and stretch it out! I'm wondering whats going on towards the right, maybe this is where our surprise robots are? I can see our two robots being on the desk thats heavily lit though, so great job :D