Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Character Project - Nailing Down ideas

So after todays meeting with Justin we managed to put some more concrete ideas up, instead of being on a plate the levels could be set on planets made of food. A very silly idea, but we both agreed that it would be pretty difficult to portray a food world in a serious light.

The ideas that I am starting to settle on are the ideas of a scientist being shrunk down onto food planets and fending off alien/mutant creatures with his scale altering powers.

This is a faux-film poster about the food planets, its a parody 1950s style science fiction theme which I would like to imitate.

A few basic story ideas are;

-Humanity discovers food planets and begins to mine them to solve the world food crisis, one such scientist is dropped onto the planet and soon finds himself attacked by strange alien food monsters.

-A man is stranded on the planet and must rescue a co-worker or colleague from certain mortal peril.

-A man or space explorer crash lands onto the planet and must survive agains the odds.

-An engineer who is mining on the planet must escape after being attacked by food monsters.

-Two planets are going to collide and a hero must work to prevent this.

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