Sunday, 25 October 2015

Character Project - Finalising story

So far I have stuck with the idea of a human being shrunk down onto a food world, one of these ideas was to have it on a food planet or asteroid. This would make a good setting for the plot of a 1950s sci-fi B-movie as it would be pretty difficult to portray a world made of peas or beef steak in a serious light. At the same time this opens up a nice arena of 1950s sci-fi, particulary in regards to the Space Age and Atomic Age, both of which could sit quite nicely with the wacky science fiction of "miniaturization" and gravity manipulation.

The game format would be a video game more than an app game so that it could accomodate more gameplay mechanics.

I want to use the themes of Scale and Gravity as mechancis in the game,  Justin suggested the idea of using scale as a weapon of sorts; either enlarging or miniaturizing an enemy or an enemy's body, I like this idea a lot given that it opens up quite a lot of imaginative oppurtunities for combat and gameplay. For instance the player could miniaturize a monster's leg to let it topple over or enlarge a creature's eyes so that they explode.

The plot I am focusing on would concentrate on a single player navigating through a set course on the food planet.

-Humanity discovers planets and celestial objects made of food and has begun to "mine" them to solve the world food crisis. On one such world a scientist has gone missing and a scientist stationed on the planet must find him. He encounters hostile forces in the form of food monsters whom he must evade or dispatch. 

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