Monday, 28 September 2015

Group Project - Inital Ideas

For our group we were alloted the themes: "Jealousy", "Tonal Montage" and "In the laboratory".

Jealousy encompasses the intense emotions that one feels in response to a potential loss of something important or someone close to another party. It is distinguished from envy in that jealousy refers to the loss of something important whereas envy is the wish that one has something that someone else possesses. Jealousy is particularly relevant in human relationships and can also be accompianed by envy. Jealously has a negative effect on relationships and also leads to feelings of disgust, hatred and lonliness.

A Tonal Montage is a film montage that relies on a particular emotion to ellicit a reaction from the audience, this emoiton is prevalent in the environment of the scene and the various aspects of the filming (such as lighting, sound, etc) also reflect the emotion.

In the laboratory refers to the scene being shot inside a laboratory, a laboratory is a workplace where scientific work in undertaken. A few positive themes from a laboratory could be "progress" in the form of scientific research and development, "connections" in that scientists often work closely together therefore forming social bonds.

Alternitavely more negative themes could be "lonliness" in that some scientists work in solitude,  bury themselves in their work to escape from someting in their lives or be cut off from the world. "Jealousy" could also be another; expressed by one scientists' jealously over a colleague's success.

A few plot ideas could centre on idea of a laboratory being a self-contained world, a laboratory is usually a small area where only a few people can work effectively, it makes sense that these people will probably enjoy a close relationship away from others. One of these characters may feel threatened when a new party enters the laboratory and gets in the way of this relationship or becomes part of it.

Another idea could be that a non-human character (like a robot, Artificial Intelligence or sentient scientific specimen) becomes fond of the scientist(s) interacting with it. It becomes possessive and jealous when others become involved.

These are some of the ideas I have had in a storyboard form.

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