Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Work - Photoshop - Jungle

I've been trying to draw a jungle environment for a while now and haven't had much success, this is most likely down to the fact that I haven't used any reference pictures. One might think it is easy to draw a jungle, but in fact it really isn't. I quit the solo tactics and used a picture from google images to get a feel for the textures of plants, particularly the leaves and the way that the plants are arranged.

These are the results;
This first picture is my initial effort of making a jungle scene, I used the brushes provided by Photoshop and modified some of them to get these shapes. I am very happy with the way that these turned out, particularly the palm leaves.

The second picture is a more serious attempt, again I am proud of the palm leaf texture, the other bushy textures were a bit slap-dash. Because everything in the jungle is green I have found that separating trees and bushs into "groups" makes it easier to distinguish them, better lighting would also help. 

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