Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Target Audience Research - Key Stage 3

So for my target audience I have decided to make a presentation for Key-Stage 3 or Pre-GCSE, I began by looking at Bitesize revision since they have some animations about science, particularly biology. They also had an animation to do with bodily cells so I watched it and took notes about how the animation plays out and how it describes the cell process.

I also looked at a website that gave parents advice about children and young people, this website; I check out the sections on intellectular development, social development and about schools.

According to this site many Key-Stage 3 children develop more abstract thinking but intellectually begin the process of coming into adult intelligence, from my interpretation this means that they are beginning to think more openly and absorb new ways and ideas more easily, it also means that their ability to comprehend more complex knowledge and matters is growing. Other sites agree that at this age pre-teens and young teens are starting to be able to absorb more comprehensive knowledge about subjects.

I believe at this point it is necessary to introduce my target audience to some more complex knowledge, the key will be making it informative without making it boring or uninteresting. To that end I will introduce some of the more complex workings of influenza cells while keeping the presenetation engaging through the use of animation.

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