Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sound Designer Profile

Jack Foley was born in 1891 and was famous for his advancement of sound effects in films, one of his more notable achievements is the addition of background and environmental sound effects to films. This style of working spawned the name "Foley artist" for sound designers who work on sound effects for films. Jack Foley pioneered the use of sound effects in films and took effort to create original effects. In 1914 when Foley and his family moved to Bishop, Californial; a desolate and poor community surrounded by beautiful countryside and environments, he persuaded filmmakers to shoot pictures in Bishop in order to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, this was very successful and soon he became immersed in the film industry.

 Foley's technique involved creating sound effects more realistically by having a moving picture combined with a sound stage in order to sync the sound to the action, he tried out numerous surfaces and objects in order to be original.

Foley accepted that the audiences for films rarely noticed the soundtrack present so he strived to make the soundtrack integral to the films atmosphere. Some of Foley's works include the films Melody of Love, Showboat and more famously Spartacus.

 People mention that one of Foley's key skills was making the sound effects in real time in an effort to simulate realism.

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  1. Ahhh, that's where the 'Foley' thing came from! You learn something new every day! :)

    1. Yes :) I'd heard of Foley designers before but never understood where they came from