Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - First OGR

Final OGR 1

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  1. OGR 06/03/2015

    Evening Max,

    Well, I'm going to say straight out that I like the 'floating factory' approach more than the glowy, high-tech direction. In cgi terms, the floating factory is just a more satisfying use of the potential of Maya to make the impossible possible - and I think too the idea of manifesting metaphors as literal in this way is another thing that animation does very well. I just think you're making the information very accessible in this way, and I can also see how this approach would allow more of your illustrative style into the mix. You do, however, need to embrace this idea 100% and step all the way over the line; you'll need to extend your metaphor of the factory and influenza 'sabotaging' the pipeline to everything in the cycle, finding equivalent metaphors from that same industrial world. I also like the 'blank space' in which your factories are hanging - the fact that you're setting this space up as non-representative of the real - I like all the negative space. In terms of style and visual direction etc. these might further inspire:

    In general terms, you might want to check out the genre of infographcs, as there's something about your floating factory page and the way your illustrations float in a kind of non-space that really chimes with that method of giving information away: this link is to a selection of highlights:

    and this link is to a playlist: