Monday, 19 January 2015

Story Ideas/Comments/Feedback appreciated

So I got allotted a Butterfly Hunter, a Trampoline and a Joke Shop, what a motley gaggle of things. This wasn't to easy to glean stories from, quite a bit of creativity is needed when the 3 items given can or cannot be easily associated with each other. I've managed to make some 3 ideas from it.

STORY 1 (Special thanks to Emma Morley for the inspiration!)
A young child lives in a joke shop with his/her father, they are bored with life stuck inside a joke shop which is slowly losing buisness. One day upon witnessing a butterlfy flying through the window they become intrigued and follow it out into the overgrown garden, after capturing the butterfly the child sees it is made of paper and every weekend begins to capture more butterflies. Eventually the child cannot reach more butterflies because they are too small. That is until she captures enough money butterflies to buy a small trampoline to capture the butterfiles higher up. Eventually she discovers that some butterflies are fragments of a map and she resolves to piece together the map pieces by capturing more butterflies.

These paper butterflies consist of all kinds; some are made of money bills, others are comic pages, some are boring like instruction manuals and newspaper papers.

A aeroplane flying hunter is low on his luck, having hunted rare animals to near exctinction his livlihood is threatened by his own actions, that is until he catches sight of a large butterfly species with golden wings. Desparate to earn money and rekindle his livlihood he follows and attempts to capture the butterflies only to crash his plane. Now without a plane and running desperately short of money he is forced to buy supplies from a joke shop to continue his livlihood, including a trampoline that he modifies extensively. Using his new super charged trampoline he manages to capture a gold winged butterfly and eagerly sells it to a well paying buyer who immediately kills it for its wings.

Now rich he buys back his plane and manages to successfully capture more butterflies but becomes increasingly disillusioned with the practice upon witnessing the increasingly vicious treatment his butterflies are subject to. Eventually he resolves to stop capturing these gold winged butterflies and ultimately resolves to find himself a new job.

On a capitalist world somewhere the rich and elite use robotic butterflies to travel around in the clean, bright skies whereas the poor and lower class live in squalor on the overcrowded, polluted ground lands. The owner of a joke shop lives on meagre wages and becomes bitter and hateful for seeing the elite above him flying freely, in a act of spite he assembles makeshift bombs and uses an electronic trampoline to send them into the air to harm the fliers. Initially happy at his new found power he continues to attack the fliers wounding and even killing some, however his actions soon cause a young family to crash onto the ground who promptly confront him. Guilt stricken he confesses his anger and promises to help the family back into the air, he scavenges parts from his joke shop to create a makeshift butterfly, he also uses his supercharged trampoline to send them back into the air. He resolves to use his joke shop and tramploine to help other stranded fliers.


  1. hello just had a read through and youve got some good stuff, i had a thought too which i would like to share....
    as its a joke shop why not the character be a toy within the shop? like a space hopper or rubber chicken or slinky?
    this 'toy' is alive and sees butterflies hanging from a mobile (see image) and would love to have one for themself, the toy tries different ways of getting to the butterfly but is unsuccessful, the toy then finds a trampoline and manages to use the trampoline to catch one of the butterflies
    hope that helps, you dont have long for this animation so keep it simple :)

    1. That's a cool idea :) I thought about using some action figure as a butterfly hunter but didn't think it'd work out :) thanks for the feedback and the image!

  2. okay Max - watch this sparks fly...

    Consider rival butterfly hunters going after the same rare specimen; as their attempts to outwit/out do each other escalate, things become more elaborate - I can see how a trampoline might soon become involved and also, I was thinking of a cunning twist; so, you've got two butterfly hunters excited by the same extraordinary butterfly - it leads them here there and everywhere, until it leads them to a joke shop, at which point they suddenly realise that the rare specimen is actually...

    Seems to me that there's a perfect match-up between butterflies and jokeshops...