Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Revised Story

After taking some much needed inspiration from Phil this is my new story.

A teenage brother picks on his younger sibling who promtply retaliates and flees from the brothers anger. After escaping into town the boy discovers an old joke shop and he enters. He encounters the shops owner who introduces him to the back of the store where the best "tricks" are kept.

The boy enters the back of the store and is captured by the store keeper who pushes him into a machine which captures the boy, the shopkeeper reveals himself to be an alien lifeform who captures children, turns them into butterflies and sells them across space to other aliens by bottling them up and using a alien mosnter device to "bounce" them into space. A client is already waiting for his product. The boy however manages to escape just in time and he utilises several stolen joke shop items to outwit the alien robotic store owner who tries to attack him. The boy tricks the store owner into his own machine and blasts him off into space.

The boy escapes and confronts the alien buyer who, after losing his product and supplier, offers to pay the boy in return for some "merchandise" of another sort, the boy flees in fear and the buyer escapes.

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