Tuesday, 4 November 2014

What if? Metropolis - Thumbnails 34-46

More thumbnails in an attempt to include some of Miro's work in them, I found creating ideas from his work challenging, I tried looking at some of his pictures such as the Escape Ladder (1940) and then forming buildings from it. I tossed around a few ideas on my travelogue such as a work place hangin over the edge of a cliff and having a highway or airborne tunnel where birds constantly fly through. One the last thumbnail I made up the idea of people building their own houses by hanging strips of coloured paper across their wireframe houses. I noted this idea in my travelogue.

I like thumbnails 39, 46, 42 and 34. I need to explore some of Miro's other work.


  1. 37 and 43 look good, they look like they could be elements of a darker side of your city. Perhaps begin to look at specific buildings in your city and their purposes for more development.

    1. Thanks, they do look quite dark :) I'd refine 37 a bit more and maybe 43