Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What if? Metropolis - OGR 2


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  1. 20/11/2014

    Hi Max,

    In general terms, I like what you've resolved, but I have a few issues/observations. I don't really understand what's happening on the left hand side - those more abstract shapes. I know it's a rock-face, but it's not helping your scene and it's not projecting Miro-ness. They seem too at odds with the more 'man-made' components on the right. I'd suggest treating this area of the composition similarly - resolving some more obviously architectural elements for this side of your 'Miro station'. The other weaker element is the 'matte painting' in so much as I think you're missing an opportunity here to elaborate on your world more - in simple terms, use the matte painting to express the scale of the world beyond this particular environment. I'd suggest too that the actual shapes we're looking at in the distance could be a little more crisp and defined. I wonder too, considering this is Miro's world, if you might consider emboldening the colour of the sky; it just seems to me you've got all those bold colours on the right and then things get a bit wishy-washy in the matte-painting. For me, the whole scene could get a little punchier - and the shapes on the left... no, I still don't understand them.

    Re. your production art, I don't understand why they're in black and white, when your assets are not? Production art should be as resolved and representative of your key assets etc. as possible, so I'll be looking for you to enhance these in advance of week 12.