Thursday, 2 October 2014

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails 75-89

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CC

75 - 89 -Agria

A series of thumbnails based on abstracts from Calvino's Invisible Cities, these depict the underground city of Agria. Initially these were all colour pictures but one of the tutors turned the colours grey in order to better emphasize distance and fore and background colours. He suggested using black and white in order to show the difference between background and foreground. I experimented with this in thumbnail 83 and 84.

It was difficult to produce an undergound city, my thoughts were clogged with thick, mud filled streets and houses. I turned to a more cave like look and towards the end experiment with more square, abstract shapes. My last thumbnail depicts a Tomb Radier influenced scene of some kind of underground temple.

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  1. love 76 - very filmic - and 77 - crunchy and strong!