Monday, 6 October 2014

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails 106-121

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CC

106 - 112 - 113 - 116 - 117 - Diomira
114 - 118 -121 - Ersilia

A series of thumbnails based on abstracts from Calvino's Invisible Cities, these depict the ornamental city of Diomira and the string clogged city of Ersilia. Both cities presented their own challenges though the blocky, structural nature of Diomira made it easier to draw since imagining the city's design was easier. Ersilia was quite good to draw, the use of string to symbolise relationships makes for an interesting and original idea. It could be quite good to draw and elaborate on.

I think that Ersilia may be the city or at least one of the cities that I shall fully consider for my final pieces.

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