Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ersilia - Exterior Low Angle Shot

My low angle exterior shot of Ersilia.

This picture shows an old market place in a quiet area of the city that was once bustling with activity, it now lies in ruins but the once colourful tents of the traders remain somewhat intact. The ruins of a wall or building of some kind remain along with the string attached to it.

Originally I had envisioned a large, spider-web like idea that had small holes, passages and streets running at strange angles. I didn't make the idea becaues stringing the place up with grey/white web didn't appeal, there would've been no colour or ideas.

My second and final idea was to make a "market" scene, I had been inspired by a holiday that I went on in 2013, I had visited Sorrento in Italy with my family and the town had a beautiful bustling market within filled with all manner of colours and intricate details. The stores in this picture are mere skeletons becaues the traders have moved on, I wanted to put some trading "theme" objects into the picture but couldn't really get the right objects in mind.

Figure 1
This is the finished picture without any squares or modifications.

Figure 2
This picture features the same squares technique that I used on the other pictures, It makes the place look that little bit more mouldy. I quite like the square idea though I feel that it can contrast quite sharply with certain pieces of the picture and remove some of the detail.

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