Saturday, 18 October 2014

Colours - Interior Angle Shot

Colour Testing - Interior Angle Shot 
 This is a series of pictures of the interior angle of my city, these pictures are an extension of the earlier idea of the shot being set inside an attic or loft of some kind.

The picture on the left is of the attic with an open window. There is a door in the foreground of the picture. I quite like this idea, coming into a room as if the viewer was actually on site. There isn't much detail to the picture, the finer details have been left out for now.

I wanted to test out some different colours on each picture to see what effect they would give.
I applied a soft green colour layer to this to give it a more mouldy look, I don't think it quite achieved that but I still would go for the idea.

 I'm not sure why I tried out the red colour. Probably just to give a range of colours for the pictures. I'm not sure red suits these pictures or the theme.

I applied a yellow filter to project a specific setting. Morning was the proposed setting, I imagined a yellow sunrise coming over this abandoned city. Come to think of it, that idea seems quite good.

I quite like the idea of a mouldy looking colou attached to the picture, it would be symbolic of decay of the homes that people of the city have left behind and possibly, in an even deeper symbolism, the relationships that they have left behind as well. The idea of having a yellow sunrise is also quite appealling, I can imagine faint yellow rays coming through the windows of buildings.

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