Monday, 29 September 2014

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails 65-74

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CC

65 - 74 - Anastasia

A series of thumbnails based on abstracts from Calvino's Invisible Cities, these thumbnails depict the city of Anastasia. A place of hedonism and desire Anastasia seemingly has few inhibitions. Waterways and pleasurable smells dot the landscape along with workers bringing out valuable materials. Though many would see their desires fulfilled here, many succumb to the slavery that it really presents.

I depicted Anastasia with bright colours, golden/yellow colours to give a warm, embracing feel. The chains depict the slavery that it really symbolises while the other slightly duller yet appealling colours of blue, red, green and pink represent the Onyx and other valuable materials found here. Thumbnail 65 depicts tunnel vision and the user becoming so transfixed on thie city that he/she ignores all else and becomes trapped.


  1. Evening Max - really like the way you've written about the city, and 68 has a whole 'Vegas' vibe. Can't help thinking that a greater variety of brush-types might give you a bit more range, variety and expressiveness?

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