Monday, 22 September 2014

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails 1-32

Invisible Cities - Thumbnails - Adobe Photoshop CC

1 - 16 - Spider City
17 - 32 - Esmerelda

A series of thumbnails based on abstracts from Calvino's Invisible Cities, the first 1-16 pictures depict work from the Spider City whereas the second group (16 - 32) depicts pictures from Esmerelda. Each thumbnail was meant to be completed within a mintue timeframe, this proved quite difficult and tested my artistic abilities. The Spider City thumbnails were based on ideas of a suspended city with walkways, webs, ropes, etc from the extract while Esmerelda's thumbnails were based on rivers and zig-zag walkways.

I like my Esmerelda thumbnails much more than my Spider City thumbnails, I like the yellow and white colours I used, I also like the river flowing through and the zig-zag patterns in the smaller thumbnails.

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