Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Space Pug - Pre Viz Mk.1

Mk1.2 from Max Ashby on Vimeo.

The first version of the Space Pug Pre-Viz, the next task is to create a final pre-viz ready for rendering. Already however there have been problems; several scenes have been corrupted, even their backup files don't work and so these scenes will appear different in the second version. The second version will also include clean up and fixes to the current scenes.


  1. well done, Max - sorry to hear about the corrupted files - how annoying. You're probably all over these already, but will the space helmet have reflectivity, so we see the black hole reflected on the glass etc? Also - in terms of lighting (which I know the pre-viz isn't showing) are you going to exploit the opportunities here for some nicely expressionistic effects - for example lots of glow coming off the black hole, and maybe some coloured lights inside the Pug's helmet too as is common in sci-fi movies too? For example, a change of the inside helmet lighting from before the helmet is breached (so normal happy lighting) to maybe orange/red emergency lighting after the decompression begins?

    A couple of other things - in terms of line of action, the audience is used to thinking of the Pug as travelling from the left hand side of the screen to the right side of the screen - so the dog is always facing right towards the goal. However, at 1 min 41, when we're shown the airtube breaking, we're left looking at the pug facing left (because we've switched to the other side of the dog where the tube connects). This breaks the left-to-right momentum you've set up through out the film and you've broken the line of action. To fix this, you need to show the audience that you've switched sides, as opposed to just cutting to this right-to-left shot - for example, you could track around the dog's helmet at 1 min 36 and take us around to the other side of the dog to show us the tube breaking - this will mean that the audience will no longer find crossing the line of action to be jarring.

    Another scene I think could take a minor change is the moment just before the pug leaps off the asteroid - for me, there would be more drama and anticipation if you were to intercut different shots with the establishing shot of the dog with camera positioned behind the pug. For example, if you were to cut to a front-view of the pug (just after he shuffles backwards to prepare to leap) and show the determination on his face) and then cut back to him leaping off, this would be a stronger, more dynamic sequence.

  2. Thanks, Phil :) I think I'll have to talk to Alan about the helmet reflectivity but I like the idea of the lights in the helmet, that could be a cool effect. The glow of the Black Hole will be fixed in After Effects, but I'll also try out some lighting effects for it in Maya.

    The shot for the air-tube breaking is also good, that can be done :)as can the intercutting shots for the asteroid leap would also look cool :) I'll incorporate this into the second version.

  3. Also, Max. Make sure so soften the camera moves with slow in and out. There are stopping / starting abruptly at the moment. Its a bit mechanical. Try to put yourself in the mindset of a cameraman on set and how he would move.