Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Space Pug - Genghis walk cycle 1#

Finally got around to creating a walk cycle for Genghis, this was a combination of using Alan's tutorial on walk cycles and also looking up dog locomtion on Youtube. There was some confusion about how the legs on the left side should move in relation to the right but watching Youtube footage on the gait of Pugs helped to rectify this.

I made about 4 walk cycles in total before I got one that I liked. This video is the first effort.

Walk Cycle Test 1 from Max Ashby on Vimeo

The next videos are the walk cycle as it exists in its latest incarnation.

Walk Cycle 3 - Main from Max Ashby on Vimeo.
Walk Cycle 3 - Side on from Max Ashby on Vimeo.

I quite like how they've come out so far, the pace and body seem to be okay, it needs some more tweeking later on but this is a good start. I will also have to look at creating a running or jogging pace.


  1. Hi Max. I like the head shake, don't forget to animate the ears though.