Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Space Station - Lighting 1#

Today, I tried out some lighting on the interior of the Space Station, fortunately after some input from Alan the render times have diminished to around 3-4 minutes and the lighting is coming along nicely. I also tried out improving the sampling and changing/removing some of the rim lights from objects.

Space Station interior with low key lighting. This is a bit bland, doesn't really feel sci-fi/space like.

Space Station interior with red ambient lighting. I quite like the red, makes it look a bit more industrial and sci-fi like but contrasts quite harshly with the green.

Space Station interior with green ambient lighting. This looks a bit too strong to be used.

Space Station interior with low key lighting. The screens stand out nicely, this was closer to my original idea of having the screens as the only light source but it is too faint to illuminate the whole area completely.

Lighting on the computer screens, these have come out quite nicely. I still wanted to use mia_light_surface but the render times were still far too long.

Space Station interior with softer green lighting. I like this, not too harsh, might need more refining.

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