Friday, 24 February 2017

Space Pug - Rigging Progress 5#

Thanks to much needed help from Alan, Genghis is back in the running with a well rigged mouth and eyes. Currently he needs texturing and lighting correctly, further work will concentrate on his radio ear piece which still requires rigging and possibly some further work on his eyes.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Space Pug - Texturing Progress 4#

More texturing, this time focusing on the computer screens which feature a mia_material_x shader with a mia_light_surface node using a photoshop texture. The results are quite nice yet I'm not sure how it will react with added lights and at the same time the rendering time on this is easily 6-7 minutes which also may be a problem.

I'd still like to incorporate these lights into the model so I will continue working on them.

Space Pug - Texturing Progress 3#

Space Station, now with added texture! Most of the station is now texture bar the computer screens and the belts for the bone box. Most of the station uses bump maps to bring out the textures, like the hexagonal pattern on the interior and the metallic scarring on the ends of the station.

Also in the mix are some props, simple boxes with simple texture and bump maps.

The next step is creating ambient occlusion nodes and adding a bit of specular colours to some of the objects.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Space Pug - Texturing Progress 2#

Now that Genghis has been re-skinned I've had some time to start texturing him, so far only blocks colours have been done and at the same time I've also tried my hand at texturing the Space Station a bit more by texturng the rubbish chute with both a diffuse texture and bump map.

Genghis' textures conists of a Lambert shader for the body and a Blinn for the shiny metal elements of his space suit and another Blinn for his helmet.

A problem I've encountered while texturing Genghis is the pixellation of small details so I've been looking into UV sets to try and remedy this with some success, still need to learn more about it.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Space Pug - Texturing progress 1#

Genghis is back in the shop for re-skinning, so in the mean time I have begun texturing the Space Station, starting with the larger supply containers and sticky notes. The containers have some basic bump mapping which I believe works quite well, I was looking for that slightly rippled plastic texture.

Currently texturing the door controls and hope to move onto the actual doors and computer screens soon.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Space Pug - Space Station doors

Space_Station_Doors from Max Ashby on Vimeo.

Glorious space station, now with moving doors and trash compactor! The main doors and the trash compactor doors are now animated. It was a case of just moving the pivot point and adding a control for the main doors, the trash compactor's "crunching" motion was achieved using joints and a spline IK, now that these are done texturing and lighting can commence.