Sunday, 29 January 2017

Space Pug - Space Station modelling 2#

Valiant space station, now with added doors, lighting and pipes. The model is nearly finished and just needs a bit of clean up and finalising before UV mapping can begin. The lighting is not permanent and is only a test.

I'm happy with this, it looks cool and should be a good start to the animation. Since this is planned to be the first and last thing the audience see, this will be important to do well.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Space Pug - Space Station modelling progress

Modelling progress for the space station that has most of the larger features made on it, the next task is to create the smaller pipes and also to model the interior of the station panelling.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Reflective Statement - The list

In my tutorial Alan suggested tallying the things that I completed against the things set to do.

In my Minor project my goal was to: 
-Create the assets ready for animating during the Major project (the Space Station model, the Black Hole and the Space Pug). 

Rather disappointingly I managed to achieve none of these which means that now they will have to be created in the third year. 

 In my Major project my goal is to: 
-Fully produce and finish an animated short with post-production and all necessary other steps for completion.

Rather disappointingly I managed to achieve none of these which means that now they will have to be created in the Major project. At the present my main goal is to finish off the unfinished assets quickly without sacrificing quality in order to be ready for animating.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Space Pug - Space Station Concept Art

Another piece of concept art for the space station, the original design looked quite bare and I wanted to add some more details to it, namely adding a different texture to the station's panelling and also adding some detail to the circular doors either side of the station. The main layout hasn't changed much and is still basic but I have decided to remove the flat floor and have the cylinder shape of the station as the floor.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Minor Project - Reflective Statement

My minor project involved creating assets ready to be animated during the course of the Major project, looking back I am proud of what I have created, I believe that my Space Pug model shows effort and creativity and should turn out to be good when finished. I am also more satisfied with my aim to try a more challenging pipeline when it comes to creating different characters, such as a quadraped.

The thing that I am most upset with is my time management, the deadline saw me completing none of the assets that I had assigned myself to build and I am disappointed about that. I had hoped that by my third year I would've grasped the skills to manage my time better but still have yet to fully achieve that.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Genghis - Rigging Progress 1#

Valiant Space Pug, now with added motion! Rigging is going relatively smoothly, his body has all the major joints needed after following the quadraped tutorials. Obviously, because his Pug body is small and stubby and him being encased inside a space suit means that Genghis' motions will be different. I am concerned about how this will deform when it comes to skinning him and whether or not the joint structure is correct. 

Skinning is the next step along with adding the facial rigging which I will do last.