Thursday, 29 September 2016

@Phil - Space Pug - Script/First Draft

The first draft of the sript for Space Pug.
 I may need to sort out the ending and maybe shorten the script as it might be too ambitious.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

3D Animation - Maya - Squash/Stretch Rigging

A quick tutorial on squashing and stretching models. Not quite sure why it bends, but apart from that seems to work fine.

Space Pug - Doodles

A few basic doodles for my Space Pug project. Some ideas about objects, the black hole and the pug's name. Quite like the idea of him being Mongolian.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Project Proposal : Space Pug


The type of project: 2-3 minute animated short

Core Concept/idea: A space pug must rescue his favoured chew toy from the treacherous clutch of a black hole.

Research path: I want to research Soviet space programs, particularly the ones concerning the use of dogs. In addition I also want to research black holes and their effects.

Goals: To create a finished animated short that demonstrates both technical skill as well as being an engaging piece of entertainment. To successfully create rigged and textured characters capable of realistic movement. 

Outcomes: To create a finished, polished animated short. By the end of the minor project, two rigged and prepared characters should be read for animating.

Week 1 - 2 = Proposal, development of proposal, refining of the story.
Week 3 - 6 = Production of artwork, concepts, etc
Week 7 - 14 = Production of Assets (Maya characters, etc).

This is my proposal for my 3rd Year project; Space Pug. I hope this is a realistic proposal and will refine it from here.

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Personal Work - Planetary Sunsnet

A little bit of personal work, a robotic soldier observes the sunset amidst the atmosphere of a strange planet. A combination of influences from Dead Space to pictures of Mars.