Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Adaptation B - Robert Oppenheimer Thumbnails

 For this project I've decided to focus on adapting the Manhattan Project, except if the bomb was made by idiots or, as suggested by Alan in my last tutorial, by super villains with lame powers.

To start this I did some basic research on the key people involved in the project (creating the bomb) the costs and dates in order to have some background to create a comparative project.

The second page here is thumbnails of Robert Oppenheimer, a key atomic scientist. Some of his lame powers include being immune to radiation (except for his face) and being able to move matter except only in small quantities.


  1. The "villains with lame powers" route looks promising. Loving the picture where it looks like Oppenheimer lost his tiny piece of paper.

    1. Yeh man, I'm leaning towards that character :)