Monday, 8 February 2016

Adaptation B - New Earth Army

One of the concepts for Adaptation is finding satire in war, to that end I scoured the web and found something worthy. That is a field manual about the US Army's First Earth Battalion, a 1970's unit of "warrior monks" founded by an officer by the name of Jim Channon, a veteran of the Vietnam War. Jim Channon states that the soldiers of the First Earth Battalion serve Earth and humanity as a whole.

The concept behind the First Earth Battalion are soldiers who use "paranormal" abilities and a quasi-spiritual, natural approach to combat (Ethical Combat) in order to resovle conflict. The key idea is emphasis on the human individual and their abilities to reach out to others.

Actual military tactics are included but take the form of peaceful strategies, for instance "ethical commando raids".

It sounds like the product of what would happen if the US Army's psychological warfare leaders constantly got high.


  1. Honestly Max you might not be far from the truth believing this is something devised by psych warfare leaders being high.

    As part of the New Age movement, there's a chance that along with Buddhist ideas of meditation and spiritual harmony, the First Earth battalion may have promoted the use of marijuana among its ranks in order to access higher mental states.

    1. Exactly, that's why it is so appealling :) it seems to farfetched to be something promoted by a military unit/

    2. It was the trend at the time. I'd say see what you can do that The Men Who Stare at Goats didn't. That could help with finding distinction.