Monday, 29 February 2016

Adaptation B - Game idea 1

 This is one of my game concepts, in this idea the player must use their character to construct a superweapon. In this case it is a bomb that can burst car tyres, rather stupidly.

The player must craft components for the bomb using the player's lame super-power. The bar signifies the level of the player's competency, the higher the competence the more likely the bomb will work, the lower and the greater liklihood that the bomb will be a crazy and not-very-efficient weapon.

Adaptation B - Refined General Groves Thumbnails

These are more thumbnails for General Leslie R. Groves, I tried not to turn him into an actual vehicle, rather I want to keep him as half a vehicle or something similar. I like thumbnails 1 and 5 because they open up a few possibilities for interesting concepts with them.

Thumbnail 4 is interesting, a little bit mind twerking, it features General groves carrying pet cages housing both Oppenheimer and fellow scientist Compton.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

3D Animation - Maya - Character Skeleton Joints

The joints for the cartoon character, pretty easy putting in the joints but making sure the rotation on each joint was correct wasn't easy.

3D Animation - Maya - Character Spine

The spine for the cartoon character, quite a tricky one, I'll have to revisit this tutorial in the future to get it fully. Hopefully once the others are done I'll have a better idea on how to do it.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Adaptation B - Refined Oppenheimer thumbnails

More thumbnails for Rober Oppenheimer, these are attempts at caricture for him.

Changing the human form wasn't easy, whereas soldiers and generals can have military features like tank treads or armour, scientists need more "smart" forms. A brain on a trolley is quite good but not very original, the "human computers" is a term that I found during research of the Manhattan Project, I quite like the ideas for it.

I quite like thumbnails 8 and 9, I like the combination of elements for these characters.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Monday, 22 February 2016

Adaptation B - General Leslie Groves Thumbnails

General Leslie R. Groves was the overall leader of the Manhattan Project and oversaw a variety of duties, he was described as a driven, efficient leader who got things done.

These thumbnails convey a general who is inefficient and pretty slow and incompetent.

I like the idea of this character retaining his title as head of a project, he just happens to be an incompetent head. His powers centre on producing artificial bureaucracy, one particular power is producing "red tape".

I kept the general uniform to convey the persona of an evil dictator or evil general.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Adaptation B - Arthur Compton Thumbnails

Thumbnails for Arthur Holly Compton, discoverer of the Compton effect. Given that he was a metallurgist in the Manhattan Project this particular villain has powers to do with metal and toothpaste.

I quite like the robot personally, seems and looks quite evil.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Adaptation B - Robert Oppenheimer Thumbnails

 For this project I've decided to focus on adapting the Manhattan Project, except if the bomb was made by idiots or, as suggested by Alan in my last tutorial, by super villains with lame powers.

To start this I did some basic research on the key people involved in the project (creating the bomb) the costs and dates in order to have some background to create a comparative project.

The second page here is thumbnails of Robert Oppenheimer, a key atomic scientist. Some of his lame powers include being immune to radiation (except for his face) and being able to move matter except only in small quantities.

3D Animation - Mudbox - Necromorph

 The beginnings of a foul Necromorph, still needs a load of modeling and refining.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

3D Animation - Maya - Bridge - Stone Pillar Maps

The maps for the stone pillars on the bridge, took a while but I am pleased with the result, the texturing tips are also very good.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

3D Animation - Maya - Bridge - Stone Base Maps

The diffuse maps for the stone bridge, rather annoyingly the lights aren't projecting any shadows on the bridge and there is a noticeable contrast on some parts. Additionally there is a rather nasty set of unwanted lines on the texture that I haven't been able to get rid of.

Adaptation B - If the Manhattan Project was made by idiots

The Manhattan Project was the creation of the world's first Atomic bombs by the United States during World War 2. It was a massive, very secret and ultimately successful scientific endeavour that managed to produce the weapons that fell on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

My take on the project is what if the Manhattan Project was undertaken by scientists who took drugs or by mad scientists. As a game this could be quite interesting, having idiots who made the bomb with weird and crazy parts.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Adaptation B - New Earth Army

One of the concepts for Adaptation is finding satire in war, to that end I scoured the web and found something worthy. That is a field manual about the US Army's First Earth Battalion, a 1970's unit of "warrior monks" founded by an officer by the name of Jim Channon, a veteran of the Vietnam War. Jim Channon states that the soldiers of the First Earth Battalion serve Earth and humanity as a whole.

The concept behind the First Earth Battalion are soldiers who use "paranormal" abilities and a quasi-spiritual, natural approach to combat (Ethical Combat) in order to resovle conflict. The key idea is emphasis on the human individual and their abilities to reach out to others.

Actual military tactics are included but take the form of peaceful strategies, for instance "ethical commando raids".

It sounds like the product of what would happen if the US Army's psychological warfare leaders constantly got high.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

3D Animation - Mudbox - Body Armour

A simple mesh of some sci-fi body armour with a half-arsed paint job, slightly Doom 3 inspired.