Monday, 18 January 2016

Adaptation A - Research on the reasons...

In the last few days I have tried to research the reasons why people don't get laid by sending out a questionnaire (answered by a few brave souls), and also by communicating with my housemates in an effort to gain some realistic insight. So far I have come up with around 47 individual reasons many of which vary in both decency and frequencey. 

My research is incomplete and this is only a basic list, many of the 47 items can be condensed into categories or underneath specific titles which I will concentrate on.

Some of the ideas I want to focus on for my infographic are:

-Unrealistic expectations of how sexual encounters should occur and of what to expect from partners
-Physical reasons like being too intoxicated or interrupted (cockblocked) by various others
-Shyness or lack of confidence, this includes physical and mental confidence
-Bad hygiene (of either one or one's partner)

An important thing I've come to realise is that when it comes to sex the issues will always be sensitive so there is no point in trying to be cautious with the wording, lest the information becomes distorted and lose its meaning, it is best to be direct.

The key thing I am trying to achieve with this infographic is not to be vulgar or derogatory but rather to think about the reasons why people don't get laid.

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