Sunday, 24 January 2016

Adaptation B - More ideas

After my tutorial and the narrowing down of some concepts it was suggested that I look into a more satirical side of warfare and war in general.

One idea I've is about the German Enigma devices during World War 2 and the Allied efforts to decrypt it, the idea is that after spending massive resources on cracking the code the Allies find out that they are actually just decoding Rommel's love letters.

Before I came to university I went to a show at Warwick University that was hosted by Tony Mendez, the man who performed the real-life hostage rescue depicted in the film Argo. He explained that the CIA had a program for investigating the use of magic for military or tactical purposes. I quite like this idea, seems like a nice blend of seriousness and idiocy. This could open up an array of oppurtunities for interesting designs and aspects of game mechanics for gameplay.

Alternatively things like the CIA's Project MK-ULTRA and the German Army's Wunderwaffe (Wonder Weapons) also open up doors for satirical or strange ideas considering the subjects these programs attempted to exploit (psychic powers, laser guns, etc).

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