Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Character Project - Spaceman Expressions

Expressions for the spaceman, I didn't quite know how to make this work, I wanted the character to look "anonymous" so to that end I never considered him having a face.

Initially his expression was to be communicated only through his space suit but this would seem like more poses than expressions, eventually I decided just to show his mouth and have the upper half of his body being expressive.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Character Project - Monster Expressions

These are the expressions for the monster character, this character doesn't really have much of a face beyond its eyes and the horns on its head. The horns move and twitch, kind of like a pair of ears on a dog; down when sad and up when excited or angry.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Character Project - Monster Props

This is the prop sheet for the monster, it only really has one prop in a sense; the little drop pod that deploys the minions that the big monster commands.

These little "pea" monsters perform menial tasks like reconnaissance and helping the big monster out, they also attack the player and act as one of the obstacles present in the game.

Character Project - Spaceman Props

Props for the spaceman, this includes a more detailed version of the Scale device which has been properly designed and annotated.

The gun has been named (for now) the "Model.2207 Quad-Ray" (in reference to 4 co-ordinates needed to reshape 3D objects). I wanted it to seem like a commercial tool from space-age 1950s. The ray is unwieldly on account of its size, the technology is not yet advanced enough for a streamlined version to have been created.

The canister contains Uranium, specifically Uranium-235, the same isotope used in nuclear weapons, it seemed appropriate for such a device.

The shoulder badges and chest star are also explored, the badges are similar to military style badges but instead look like hazard signs to be more fitting in a hazardous environment. They also show a bread silhouette and an atom silhouette in order to show the allegiance to food mining operations and use of atomic science.

The chest star is more of a cosmetic look than functional object, it is meant to symbolise a united humanity but is really more for show than anything else, it makes the armour look a bit more interesting.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Props

These are the props for the sidekick, the main parts of the body (the backpack and gravity weapon) are considered the props for this character since he doesn't really carry anything detachable.

The radar dish is the gravity weapon and is directed by the player to levitate or push objects away as necessary, this could be small obstacles or pieces of the environment.

The backpack functions as well...a backpack, it carries stuff, it is airtight and pressurised to protect against hazardous environments and is used to carry sensitive items (such as health packs or mission items).

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Expressions

These are the expressions for my sidekick character, these expressions rely more on the body to be expressive than a face because obviously he doesn't have a face. To that end the glass container and the brain do most of the heavy lifting; the liquid inside boils and becomes red when he is angry, goes blue when sad (also having the brain sink to the bottom in inactivity) and turns yellowy/green when he is curious or looking (along with having the brain getting close to the hand).

The arm with the hand on is also useful and helps to portray more human emotions like shaking his fist or holding it up to shield his non-existent eyes from the light. A thought I had was that the "brain" still thinks that part of it is human and tries to move and act in a human way.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Poses

The poses for the sidekick, a slightly more comical character it has him fleeing from danger and using his gravity manipulating powers along with him outstretching his other arm to handle hazardous materials.

Character Proejct - Monster Poses

These are the poses for the monster character, it has the monster attacking with its back legs, deploying its smaller "minions" via pods and also in an injured state on its side.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Character Project - Spaceman Poses

Poses for my spaceman character. These have the space man in three poses: doing a fist-bump with his "brain companion", checking his own vital signs on his arm mounted health monitor and firing his scale "weapon" at a target. I like the first pose becaues I believe it's important to show connection between the main character and the sidekick, it also adds a bit of personality to the both of them.

The last pose was inspired by Imperial Guard soldiers firing plasma guns whereas the second pose (the health check pose) was inspired by Buzz Lightyear and his arm computer.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Character Project - Environment Concept

A concept piece for my game's environement, this is the "beef stake" world that has chips and tomatoes floating nearby in some kind of sauce. The player is to traverse this world without falling into the sauce or dying from the creature.

This was inspired by just some images from google images but also from the water traps in the Worms series of games.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Character Project - Refined Monster

This is a concept of my monster character for my game, this takes after one of the designs in my thumbnails.

It features the "pepper" monster with poisonous needles and blade like feet, it is the "boss" monster and has the ability to deploy small pods filled with pea minions to carry out smaller or less important tasks, these little minions also serve as the cannon fodder that the player must dispatch.

This design was influced by scorpions, rhinos and necromorphs from dead space.