Saturday, 14 November 2015

Thumbnails - Matter Device

A key aspect of my game is scale and I have decided to try and compress this concept into a physical device that can rearrange the size of matter and objects. This would make quite an interesting game mechanic as the player could use such a device to pass over obstacles or defeat enemies by resizing limbs or objects.

An idea I had that appealled for a bit of backstory is that the device is developed by an offshoot of the Manhattan Project, I got this idea from looking at Kurt Vonnegut's novel Cat's Cradle about the development of Ice-Nine.

A problem encountered was trying not to make a wrist mounted device appear to similar to the Pip-Boy in the Fallout series of games.

For the first design (1) I took inspiration from the the design of the nuclear device "Gadget". The second design (2) was inspired from the exoskeletons featured in the film Edge of Tomorrow. Design three (3) is based upon 1950s style ray guns and treats the scale device more like a hand held weapon that a wrist mounted device.

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