Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Character Project - Game Mechancis - Visor

These pictures are an integral part of the game mechanics, these are the respective Heads-Up Display that feature in my game. This is the product of another meeting with Justin who discussed interfaces and HUDs within games.

I liked the idea of having the HUD integrated into the game environment instead of it existing on the screen as a holographic display. This is ideal for two reasons;

1) It reflects the technological level of the 1950s when holographic displays and high-tech sensors would not exist.

2) It is more immersive and takes the player deeper into the game experience. This is what I wanted to achieve.

The HUD is integrated into the character's armour, the helmet's visor has three lenses that can be pulled down or activated and show different circuits. The second picture for instance shows the "inventory circuit" cataloguing a player's items. The third screen shows the "map circuit" laying down a data trail for the player to follow to reach objectives. The first screen is the "normal" visor mode and the standard field of vision.

In each of these pictures the player's O2 level is represented by a small gauge on the bottom left.

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