Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Pre-Viz

My finished Pre-Viz, I have not textured or put any lights into this animation. Overall I am quite proud of my efforts. Keyframing doesn't feel to difficult.


  1. Looks great, Max. Just think maybe with the Ribosome shot maybe pan down to the shot so you can read the sign properly first. At the moment the beginning of the word is obscured a bit by the blue pipes. (about 1:01 on your pre-vis) :)

  2. Thanks Emma :) I'll move that in on the proper render :)

  3. Hey Max :)

    Great to see this: a few observations:

    In terms of 'continuity editing' (or 'invisible editing') it is often better to match movements between different camera positions; so for example @ 14sec you show the virus - which was bobbing up and down - come to a stop just before you cut to the next camera angle - at which point the virus is bobbing up and down again; if you cut from the first scene while the virus is still moving, and match the movement of the virus in the second shot, the shift between the two shots will become 'invisible' - so in shot one the virus is just starting to drop down, you ensure that when you cut to the second shot, you do so as the virus is moving down too (at a point just lower than the virus appeared in the first shot) - it can take a bit of fiddle, but when you get the match right between the two shots, you won't see the join.

    Have you thought about how your animation is actually going to start? For example, will you have some kind of prologue that states clearly that 'the cells are like factories in the human body' - in other words, making it very clear why we're looking at what we're looking at? It might just be a text-based element; perhaps the animation actually starts with us looking at a door with the words 'the body's Cell factory' - which slides open to reveal the first shot? Judging from some of the feedback at the pitch, being very clear in regards to pointing out the purpose of your metaphor seemed like recurrent advice.