Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Life Drawing - 25th March

Pictures of a new model Lydia, I used a red/orange/blue felt tip pens and charcoal to get these images. I felt rather sad after leaving, life drawing was tricky but fun nontheless and now it's over. I will miss doing it.

The last two images I used charcoal to shade in the darkness, light was used quite significantly during this session. I still have proportion problems but I also feel like I have improved greatly, particularly in regards to body features and posture.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Photoshop Work - Self Portraits 3

My final portrait during the last half of the lesson. It hasn't much intricate detail but I tried to emphasize shading and shadow on this picture instead. I think the colours are nice but too dark, particularly the blue.

Photoshop Work - Self Portraits

 Some self portrait work done in Photoshop during Jordan's lesson. The first set of pictures are me attempting to do some drawing with a brush left handed.

The second set are just some basic portraits with brushes, they need some work. Quite happy overall with the quality and colours.

3D Animation - Fur

The fur effect for the 3D Maya tutorial on fur.

3D Animation - X-Ray Shader

The X-Ray shader on Maya, this is a nice effect and could be very useful in sci-fi style models and projects. Not too hard to get a hang off.

3D Animation - Double Sided Shader

The double sided shader tutorial in Maya, a little tricky, will probably have to go back and do again to get the hang of it.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Concept Art - Hover Flu Cell

More concept art of my Flu Cell Thief, and after some feedback from Phil now a little hover droid. I took some inspiration from the Cacodemon from the FPS game Doom, an old yet really fun shooting game from the 1990s.

I also had an idea bout having RNA particles squeezing out of the multi-tool tube used by the cell. Also made it look more metallic by adding ball lines

Friday, 20 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Concept Work - New Thief Concept

Some new concepts for a replacement thief after feedback from the Pitch. This more simplified design looks like a crab or robot bug of somekind, I quite like the ball shaped design rather than the balaclava toting spider.

The ball spider opens out to reveal cables that plug into the machines and reprogramme them.

3D Animation - Maya/Photoshop - Image Planes

So this was a small tutorial in how to make an image backdrop appear on foreground objects in Maya, the above result is not as successful as I'd hoped but not too bad. This method however makes it impossible to move the camera; animation can still be made in the scene but the camera cannot move.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Photoshop Work - Still Life - Hands and Scene

This first picture is of some still life work done by another artist, the original is exceptionally good and is extremely photorealistic.  My own work doesn't come close, I was too tired to continue. The basic colours and shapes are set out but little detail abounds.
These hands were better than I thought they'd be, I like my work on the two on the right particularly. Proportion is still one of my major weaknesses but I believe that I got the tones and the shading on the hands pretty well.

3D Animation - Maya - Pipe Mania

Maya tutorial using pipes to create a gaggle of deformers and effects, quite cool when watching it.

3D Animation - Maya - Can Exchange

The Can Exchange tutorial for Maya, dinky idea.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Concept Work - Fantastic Voyage - Flu Thief Concept

More concept work of my thief character, they represent the flu virus infection or hijacking cells (By breaking into factories and repurposing the cells).

I used red colours to make it seem evil and didn't give the flu guy a face in order to make the flu legion rather than a singular organism.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Concept Work - Factory

So this is my first piece of concept work, it is about factories being the body cells. The pipe symbolise the connection to the body or organs and the contents of the factory represent the respective organs of the cell.

I can't quite decide if I like the electric cable or pipe idea better.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Adobe Illustrator - Some new tools

Some more basic work with illustrator using both the pattern tool and the streak tool, this could be pretty useful in creating a texture for Maya or creating specialized logos for use elsewhere.
Not too tricky to get the hang of, the pattern tool was a little more difficult that the other tool however.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - First OGR

Final OGR 1

Fantastic Voyage - Cartoon Thumbnails

These thumbnails are dedicated towards a more cartoony approach, the bottom features an idea about Flu cells ambushing body cells. The floating factory idea attempts to draw a parrallel between cells and factories being productive. This draws from the idea of my earlier thumbnails where upon a thief or intruder enters the factory and forces it to produce flu cells before the factory collapses.

The last idea was pretty basic, about a battery cell producing energy being hijacked.

Fantastic Voyage - High Tech Thumbnails

These two thumbnails are a continuation of my idea concerning a high tech looking process to explain the cell infection. I imagine that this could be quite cool looking and in an age where young people are much more acclimatised to technology it could be quite appealling. I also imagine that work in Maya could be quite exciting.

Fantastic Voyage - Initial Thumbnails

My first set of thumbnails for my Fantastic Voyage on Influenza, these feature a few basic ideas on how I'm going to portray it in the animation.

I though of initially some Matrix code style animation, comparing body parts and functions similart to lines of code. I expanded on this by going for the less complicated and high tech looking Hexagon pattern. I also looked at more cartoony style thumbnails focusing on using simple stick faces being attacked by red objects, these don't have much direction yet.

Another idea was having workmen working inside a tunnel or pipe somewhere and the flu cells coming to attack them. One other idea was the flu cell symbolised by a theif who gains access to a factory (which represents healthy working cells), I quite like the zany, cartoon idea of a factory and will refine it.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Target Audience Research - Key Stage 3

So for my target audience I have decided to make a presentation for Key-Stage 3 or Pre-GCSE, I began by looking at Bitesize revision since they have some animations about science, particularly biology. They also had an animation to do with bodily cells so I watched it and took notes about how the animation plays out and how it describes the cell process.

I also looked at a website that gave parents advice about children and young people, this website; I check out the sections on intellectular development, social development and about schools.

According to this site many Key-Stage 3 children develop more abstract thinking but intellectually begin the process of coming into adult intelligence, from my interpretation this means that they are beginning to think more openly and absorb new ways and ideas more easily, it also means that their ability to comprehend more complex knowledge and matters is growing. Other sites agree that at this age pre-teens and young teens are starting to be able to absorb more comprehensive knowledge about subjects.

I believe at this point it is necessary to introduce my target audience to some more complex knowledge, the key will be making it informative without making it boring or uninteresting. To that end I will introduce some of the more complex workings of influenza cells while keeping the presenetation engaging through the use of animation.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sound Designer Profile

Jack Foley was born in 1891 and was famous for his advancement of sound effects in films, one of his more notable achievements is the addition of background and environmental sound effects to films. This style of working spawned the name "Foley artist" for sound designers who work on sound effects for films. Jack Foley pioneered the use of sound effects in films and took effort to create original effects. In 1914 when Foley and his family moved to Bishop, Californial; a desolate and poor community surrounded by beautiful countryside and environments, he persuaded filmmakers to shoot pictures in Bishop in order to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, this was very successful and soon he became immersed in the film industry.

 Foley's technique involved creating sound effects more realistically by having a moving picture combined with a sound stage in order to sync the sound to the action, he tried out numerous surfaces and objects in order to be original.

Foley accepted that the audiences for films rarely noticed the soundtrack present so he strived to make the soundtrack integral to the films atmosphere. Some of Foley's works include the films Melody of Love, Showboat and more famously Spartacus.

 People mention that one of Foley's key skills was making the sound effects in real time in an effort to simulate realism.

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Blog Submission - Soundscape - Sonic Concept

My sonic concept work.

Blog Sumbission - Soundscape - Original Sound Effects

These are my original sound effects compiled into a playlist on soundcloud.
It features sound effects from an airsoft gun, both shooting and reloading, from a burning pan, a running tap, scratching and scraping, humming from an aircoditioning vent, human breathing and bubble noises, keyboard typing and a test tone.

Blog Submission - Soundscape - Number 3

This is my 3rd soundscape from the soundscape folder 8. Featuring living sounds from an urchin style object.

Blog Submission - Soundscape - Number 2

This is my second soundscape, featurin the bug or insect image from Soundscape 8. This I feel is my most successful one.

Blog Submisson - Soundscape - Number 1

The first of my soundscapes for the Soundscape project, featuring sounds from Soundscape 8 folder. This is the bubble sound.