Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Character Project - Spaceman Expressions

Expressions for the spaceman, I didn't quite know how to make this work, I wanted the character to look "anonymous" so to that end I never considered him having a face.

Initially his expression was to be communicated only through his space suit but this would seem like more poses than expressions, eventually I decided just to show his mouth and have the upper half of his body being expressive.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Character Project - Monster Expressions

These are the expressions for the monster character, this character doesn't really have much of a face beyond its eyes and the horns on its head. The horns move and twitch, kind of like a pair of ears on a dog; down when sad and up when excited or angry.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Character Project - Monster Props

This is the prop sheet for the monster, it only really has one prop in a sense; the little drop pod that deploys the minions that the big monster commands.

These little "pea" monsters perform menial tasks like reconnaissance and helping the big monster out, they also attack the player and act as one of the obstacles present in the game.

Character Project - Spaceman Props

Props for the spaceman, this includes a more detailed version of the Scale device which has been properly designed and annotated.

The gun has been named (for now) the "Model.2207 Quad-Ray" (in reference to 4 co-ordinates needed to reshape 3D objects). I wanted it to seem like a commercial tool from space-age 1950s. The ray is unwieldly on account of its size, the technology is not yet advanced enough for a streamlined version to have been created.

The canister contains Uranium, specifically Uranium-235, the same isotope used in nuclear weapons, it seemed appropriate for such a device.

The shoulder badges and chest star are also explored, the badges are similar to military style badges but instead look like hazard signs to be more fitting in a hazardous environment. They also show a bread silhouette and an atom silhouette in order to show the allegiance to food mining operations and use of atomic science.

The chest star is more of a cosmetic look than functional object, it is meant to symbolise a united humanity but is really more for show than anything else, it makes the armour look a bit more interesting.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Props

These are the props for the sidekick, the main parts of the body (the backpack and gravity weapon) are considered the props for this character since he doesn't really carry anything detachable.

The radar dish is the gravity weapon and is directed by the player to levitate or push objects away as necessary, this could be small obstacles or pieces of the environment.

The backpack functions as well...a backpack, it carries stuff, it is airtight and pressurised to protect against hazardous environments and is used to carry sensitive items (such as health packs or mission items).

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Expressions

These are the expressions for my sidekick character, these expressions rely more on the body to be expressive than a face because obviously he doesn't have a face. To that end the glass container and the brain do most of the heavy lifting; the liquid inside boils and becomes red when he is angry, goes blue when sad (also having the brain sink to the bottom in inactivity) and turns yellowy/green when he is curious or looking (along with having the brain getting close to the hand).

The arm with the hand on is also useful and helps to portray more human emotions like shaking his fist or holding it up to shield his non-existent eyes from the light. A thought I had was that the "brain" still thinks that part of it is human and tries to move and act in a human way.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Character Project - Sidekick Poses

The poses for the sidekick, a slightly more comical character it has him fleeing from danger and using his gravity manipulating powers along with him outstretching his other arm to handle hazardous materials.

Character Proejct - Monster Poses

These are the poses for the monster character, it has the monster attacking with its back legs, deploying its smaller "minions" via pods and also in an injured state on its side.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Character Project - Spaceman Poses

Poses for my spaceman character. These have the space man in three poses: doing a fist-bump with his "brain companion", checking his own vital signs on his arm mounted health monitor and firing his scale "weapon" at a target. I like the first pose becaues I believe it's important to show connection between the main character and the sidekick, it also adds a bit of personality to the both of them.

The last pose was inspired by Imperial Guard soldiers firing plasma guns whereas the second pose (the health check pose) was inspired by Buzz Lightyear and his arm computer.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Character Project - Environment Concept

A concept piece for my game's environement, this is the "beef stake" world that has chips and tomatoes floating nearby in some kind of sauce. The player is to traverse this world without falling into the sauce or dying from the creature.

This was inspired by just some images from google images but also from the water traps in the Worms series of games.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Character Project - Refined Monster

This is a concept of my monster character for my game, this takes after one of the designs in my thumbnails.

It features the "pepper" monster with poisonous needles and blade like feet, it is the "boss" monster and has the ability to deploy small pods filled with pea minions to carry out smaller or less important tasks, these little minions also serve as the cannon fodder that the player must dispatch.

This design was influced by scorpions, rhinos and necromorphs from dead space.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Group Project - Environment - 3D Realisation

 This is a 3D Realisation of our environment, the textures have yet to be imported and so this is just the model.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Character Project - Game Mechancis - Visor

These pictures are an integral part of the game mechanics, these are the respective Heads-Up Display that feature in my game. This is the product of another meeting with Justin who discussed interfaces and HUDs within games.

I liked the idea of having the HUD integrated into the game environment instead of it existing on the screen as a holographic display. This is ideal for two reasons;

1) It reflects the technological level of the 1950s when holographic displays and high-tech sensors would not exist.

2) It is more immersive and takes the player deeper into the game experience. This is what I wanted to achieve.

The HUD is integrated into the character's armour, the helmet's visor has three lenses that can be pulled down or activated and show different circuits. The second picture for instance shows the "inventory circuit" cataloguing a player's items. The third screen shows the "map circuit" laying down a data trail for the player to follow to reach objectives. The first screen is the "normal" visor mode and the standard field of vision.

In each of these pictures the player's O2 level is represented by a small gauge on the bottom left.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Group Project - Laboratory

This is the beginning of the 3D realisation of our laboratory environment, this image is taken from Chelsea's environment concept.

I have tried to include as many details as possible like the junk on the floor and the cables.

So far the modelling is going slowly but smoothly.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Character Project - Protagonist (2nd) Refinement

This is further refinement of my protagonist who now sports a giant golden star on his stomach, a set of radio aerials and a heartbeat mointor on his left arm.

These adjustments were done following another session with Justin.

The heartbeat monitor is a critical aspect of the character and serves as part of the game's interface, the player can look at the hearbeat monitor to determine how much health they have. This kind of interface is integrated into the game environment providing a more immersive experience.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Character Project - Refined Protagonist

This is a refined version of my protagonist, based upon feedback from Justin who suggested that I make the character more exaggerated and fitting to the odd universe of the game. I took inspiration from Buzz Lightyear and the Terran Marines from Starcraft to create a more space marine/explorer style protagonist.

I tried to modify the design so that it included 1950s style space equipment.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Character Project - Refined Sidekick

This a refined version of my sidekick character after receiving feedback from Justin, the brain tube has been elongated along with the hand on the right side which now sports a radioactivity symbol and poses as a "Hazardous material manipulator". The anti-grav device is still attached and the backpack still visible through the glass.

I'm trying to think of a name for this guy, some kind of odd sounding name like "Zark" or "Kalu", something from the alien space age of the 1950s.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Group Project - Pre Viz - Camera Angles

 These are just a series of simple pictures based on our current storyboard/environment design. It features the "Cube" and "Sphere" robots from our story.

The lighting is meant to be focused on these two characters solely with the shadows spared for the rest of the laboratory. The two benches are also the main areas of the lighting.

 The main camera poses are from a birds eye view, a front on view, a view over the shoulder of the cube and a camera on the side.

The point of this exercise is to determine which angle would be better for showing off the static movements of the robot.

3D Animation - Maya - Cartoon Character 6

The neck tutorial.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Character OGR

Character OGR

Character Project - Sidekick Thumbnails

This final idea for the third character is for a sidekick. Initially this was meant to be human but it didn't seem too interesting or outgoing in terms of character ideas. I came across a picture of a brain in a jar on Google and decided that it would make for a more interesting character, a bit more in keeping with the odd science fiction of the 1950s.

An idea for this character would be that it would aid the main protagonist by providing anti-gravity support.

3D Animation - Maya - Cartoon Character 5

Both the nose and ear development of the character head.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Thumbnails - Matter Device

A key aspect of my game is scale and I have decided to try and compress this concept into a physical device that can rearrange the size of matter and objects. This would make quite an interesting game mechanic as the player could use such a device to pass over obstacles or defeat enemies by resizing limbs or objects.

An idea I had that appealled for a bit of backstory is that the device is developed by an offshoot of the Manhattan Project, I got this idea from looking at Kurt Vonnegut's novel Cat's Cradle about the development of Ice-Nine.

A problem encountered was trying not to make a wrist mounted device appear to similar to the Pip-Boy in the Fallout series of games.

For the first design (1) I took inspiration from the the design of the nuclear device "Gadget". The second design (2) was inspired from the exoskeletons featured in the film Edge of Tomorrow. Design three (3) is based upon 1950s style ray guns and treats the scale device more like a hand held weapon that a wrist mounted device.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Character Project - Monster Thumbnails

I haven't posted much on the character project yet so I decided to pull my socks up and try to get some more concrete stuff down. Here are some thumbnails about the food monsters that may be encountered throughout the game.

I am leaning towards a 1950s theme for my game so I have tried to make the thumbnail background a little more closer to it.

These characters are; A monster fried egg, like a monster in a lava pit. A pea made into a spider with some offspring, an asparagus made into a plant like monster. A scorpion styled red pepper. A liquorice made into a snake and a flying saucer like donut with a laser beam eye and some spikes. Had fun doing this, I like the colours and designs.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Film Review - Mad Max


Mad Max: Fury Road is a 2015 post-apocalyptic action film directed by George Miller and is the latest in the Mad Max film series. The film stars Tom Hardy in place of Mel Gibson as the infamous "Max Rockatansky" as he attempts to survive in a post-apocalyptic world against both the physical threats and the threats to his sanity. After he is captured by a group of desert bandits he must help Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) save a group of women by transporting them across the desert while escaping from desert bandits and their leader Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne).

Mad Max: Fury Road follows an different formula in terms of Max's character to the other films, instead of being the hardened police officer featured in the previous films he is instead a simple survivor living day to day before he is captured, he is also much more feral and savage than the Mel Gibson version, this is portrayed in his actions and words (or the few that he speaks); he moves quickly and violently like he is always on edge and he rarely speaks. The previous film deals with the theme of Max trying not to descend into a state of madness yet in Fury Road this seems to have occured as he frequently suffers from horrific flashbacks.

The film also differs in a few key areas; whereas the other films are set in the Australian outbac Fury Road appears to be set in a different country (although it is never actually specified where they are). Max is also portrayed as police officer in a last resort police police unit called the "Main Force Patrol", Max does mention in some dialogue that he was a police officer in the "old world" but the police unit is never mentioned in Fury Road.

As an exploitation film Mad Max exploits the genre of cars and women in certain sense. A significant portion of the film is given over to violent car chases and quite a lot of the film is even set in vehicles. Cars feature a pivotal role in the film, this is the same for the previous films as George Miller had worked as a doctor in Sydney helping those with car-accident related injuries and had lost several friends to car accidents, this may have served as inspiration for the Mad Max film. Max's famous car; the "Pursuit Special", features only briefly in Fury Road. 

The film's depiction of cars is taken to the extreme in the form of the War Boys and their leader Immortan Joe who worship cars in an almost pseudo religious manner. For instance in one scene of the film the War Boys are seen scrambling for steering wheels for their cars, these steeting wheels are situated atop a giant statue/icon which bares resemblance to a religious site, throughout the film they also perform what can be described as praying to the V8 engine which powers their cars and applying shiny chrome paint to their bodies as an act of worship. As mentioned cars are treated in a pseudo religious manner as the War Boys believe that upon death they will be taken to the highways of "Valhalla" where they will "ride eternal. One of the characters, Nux, in particular revels in the automobile, Colin Gibson of the production team states; "His car is his church, we wanted the ultimate hot rodder’s car. Once I found one in the US that had bullet holes in the windscreen, I knew we’d found it.” (Gibson, 2015).

One theme that differs from the previous film is the depiction of women, whereas in the previous film women are seen as being more typical damsels in distress the women in Fury Road prove to be anything but that. The plot revolves around women escaping from the clutches of Immortan Joe, these women are selected as "breeders" (women healthy enough to produce offspring) and seek to escape with the help of Imperator Furiosa, Immortan Joe's top female lieutenant. Imperator Furiosa proves to be a formidable combatant and leader easily dispatching several of the War Boys and even managing to kill Immortan Joe himself. 

An article about Mad Max from the website IGN; Opinion: More Movies Should Have Women Like Fury Road's, highlights and praises the aspects of how women are portrayed in the film. The article's writer; Kallie Plagge, writes "they are also victims, and they’re empowering not just because they’re resilient but also because their victimhood doesn’t rob them of agency." (Plagge, 2015) this is supported in the film as the breeders assist Max and Furiosa in their escape and prove to be very capable. 

Mad Max: Fury Road keeps to the Mad Max tradition of vicious car chases and equally nasty car accidents in an unnamed desert.

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Illustration List
Figure 1 - George Miller, 2015, 03HARDY1-master675.jpg [ONLINE] http://static01.nyt.com/images/2015/05/03/arts/03HARDY1/03HARDY1-master675.jpg

Friday, 6 November 2015

Group Project - OGR Post

This is a collection of all of the work done for the OGR.

Group Project - Storyboard Rough

 This is our rough storyboard, this was a group effort where we all sat down to agree on camera shots, angles and places.

We managed to nail down the storyboard pretty quickly and all reached a good understanding of how our animation should appear.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Group Project - Concept Work - Green Lab

During our tutorial with Alan he suggested that we create a unified art style in order to better meld the designs and thoughts of our group, our group discussed what we believe our artwork has in common; thick black outlines and a cartoony style colour/texture.

With that in mind I took the references of laboratories and factories compiled by Kayleigh and then used the thumbnails done by both me and Chelsea to create more finalised and coloured concepts of our laboratory.
 I wanted to try out different colours to try and give the laboratories a different gloomy scene.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Group Work - Concept Work - Environment Thumbnails

Some more environment work showcasing a few other sectors of the laboratory and of the display case where the other robots will be held. The last blue sketch was just a test with a different colour.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Group Project - Concept Work - Laboratory Interior

Another piece of concept work for the Laboratory, this has cables hijacked from a nearby power grid and from a ceiling unit trailed across the floor. It also has a dark forboding vent on the side, this side of the lab is slightly cleaner and only accomodates a few plans and some odd junk.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Group Project - Concept Work - Laboratory

A piece of environment art, this is our robot laboratory. A few things I want to capture are the minimal human presence, there is only a cap and lab coat and no personal effects. The lighting is to focus on the robots so that the audience sees them rather than the lab. The robot that is the target of jealousy is situated behind glowing computer screens and has cables running to it, like it is to be the centre of attention.

The general unkempt appearance of the lab is meant to evoke the emotions of a scientist who toils endlessly and probably painfully towards his goal of creating an emotional robot, as such there are spare parts and mess from where he has neglected to clean up in pursuit of his goal.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Monday, 26 October 2015

Character Project - Space Man Thumbnails

These are some of my thumbnails for my main character of my game.

The main character is either a scientist or some kind of soldier, maybe a scientist as this seems like a nicer character to expand upon.

The suits are designed with some reference from 1950s style space suits and helmets. The suits are meant to look like part of a space program mixed in with HAZMAT characteristics and some space marine style equipment. Given that the scientist is landing on a large piece of food in space it is reasonable to assume that it is unsafe for human habitation.

Film Review - Hero's Journey - Kick Ass

Kick Ass

Kick Ass is a 2010 hero movie directed by Matthew Vaughn and featuring Aaron Johnson and Chloe Grace-Moretz. It is based on the comic book series "Kick Ass" and follows the journey of the teenage superhero "Kick Ass". 

The hero Kick Ass' real name is Dave Lizewski and in the beginning he lives in what can only be described as a pretty menial reality; his days consist of drifting through school where he is ignored by both peers and teachers alike. The only happy aspect of his life is his interest in comics and his two like-minded friends who hang out with him in a comic shop. During the course of this his mother dies of a brain aneurysm and although Dave expects change it does not occur.

At one point he asks why no real life superheroes exist, a question that prompts a response from his friend; "they'd get the shite beaten out of them in like 30 seconds". Not long after both he and his friends are robbed by a gang, this event serves as the inspiration and Dave buys himself a costume, acquires two batons as weapons and sets off  to dish out justice. His first encounter however ends disastorously with Dave being struck down during a hit and run incident and subsequently being hospitalised. 

This incident grants him media attention and while in hospital the doctors implant metal plates into his body, this grants him increased durability and pain endurance. This could be seen as Dave acquiring some form of "super power" albeit one that is neither supernatural or fantastical. Dave's life is changed from now on, instead of being normal "Dave" he is transformed both physically and figuratively. Kick Ass continues his activities and in doing so comes into conflict with crime boss Frank D'Amico.  

Frank D'Amico's wants Kick Ass dead but instead of hiring a hitman or ordering his assasination it is D'Amico's son who proposes that he lures out Kick Ass by posing as a vigilante. Thus, Red Mist is born though secretly he has ulterior motives about Kick Ass. Red Mist strikes up a facade alliance with Kick Ass but soon tries to kill him and in the climax of the film Frank D'Amico is killed and Red Mist is defeated by Kick Ass.

 Figure 2 - Red Mist

Red Mist's backstory is different from Kick Ass, whereas Kick Ass is a normal person (or normal by society's standard), Red Mist is the son of a crime boss and sees himself as a super-villain. Red Mist lacks the physical abilities of Kick Ass but makes up for it in wealth (he is bankrolled by his father) and associates (his father's henchmen). Red Mist's real name is Chris and in the beginning of the film he is lonely on account of being sealed off from society by his father who wants to protect him from any rival gangs, he is little better than Dave in terms of social status and clout and desperately wants to be respected by his father.

The backgrounds for both characters has some of the makings of a typical superhero or supervillain; some incident occurs in their life that inspires them to do good. For Kick Ass the loss of his mother and the robbery serve as the event whereas for Red Mist the desire to be noticed by his father and gain respect. Another aspect is that while their alter egos are superheroes their real identities are meaningless members of society. The transformation of both characters occurs at different points in the film as Dave becomes Kick Ass after being robbed and thus desires to be a hero. Arguably Red Mist's transformation occurs at the end of the film when he swears revenge on Kick Ass and adopts a new evil identity, this is the point of no return. Conversely however when Chris adopts his false superhero identity that could be seen as his transformation. 

Illustration List
Figure 1 - Matthew Vaughn, 2010, 3250457-kick-ass-2-2013-images.jpg [ONLINE] http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11111/111111327/3250457-kick-ass-2-2013-images.jpg 

Figure 2 - Matthew Vaugh, 2010, 500px-Red_Mist.jpg [ONLINE] http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20101128204150/villains/images/thumb/a/a1/Red_Mist.jpg/500px-Red_Mist.jpg 

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Character Project - Finalising story

So far I have stuck with the idea of a human being shrunk down onto a food world, one of these ideas was to have it on a food planet or asteroid. This would make a good setting for the plot of a 1950s sci-fi B-movie as it would be pretty difficult to portray a world made of peas or beef steak in a serious light. At the same time this opens up a nice arena of 1950s sci-fi, particulary in regards to the Space Age and Atomic Age, both of which could sit quite nicely with the wacky science fiction of "miniaturization" and gravity manipulation.

The game format would be a video game more than an app game so that it could accomodate more gameplay mechanics.

I want to use the themes of Scale and Gravity as mechancis in the game,  Justin suggested the idea of using scale as a weapon of sorts; either enlarging or miniaturizing an enemy or an enemy's body, I like this idea a lot given that it opens up quite a lot of imaginative oppurtunities for combat and gameplay. For instance the player could miniaturize a monster's leg to let it topple over or enlarge a creature's eyes so that they explode.

The plot I am focusing on would concentrate on a single player navigating through a set course on the food planet.

-Humanity discovers planets and celestial objects made of food and has begun to "mine" them to solve the world food crisis. On one such world a scientist has gone missing and a scientist stationed on the planet must find him. He encounters hostile forces in the form of food monsters whom he must evade or dispatch. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Character Project - Nailing Down ideas

So after todays meeting with Justin we managed to put some more concrete ideas up, instead of being on a plate the levels could be set on planets made of food. A very silly idea, but we both agreed that it would be pretty difficult to portray a food world in a serious light.

The ideas that I am starting to settle on are the ideas of a scientist being shrunk down onto food planets and fending off alien/mutant creatures with his scale altering powers.

This is a faux-film poster about the food planets, its a parody 1950s style science fiction theme which I would like to imitate.

A few basic story ideas are;

-Humanity discovers food planets and begins to mine them to solve the world food crisis, one such scientist is dropped onto the planet and soon finds himself attacked by strange alien food monsters.

-A man is stranded on the planet and must rescue a co-worker or colleague from certain mortal peril.

-A man or space explorer crash lands onto the planet and must survive agains the odds.

-An engineer who is mining on the planet must escape after being attacked by food monsters.

-Two planets are going to collide and a hero must work to prevent this.

3D Animation - Maya - Cartoon Character

This time I've worked on the mouth, not a bad result.