Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What if? Metropolis - OGR


  1. OGR 06/11/2014

    Hi Max,

    Really love the 'log' format for your musings about this city; felt very immediate, and as if the city was revealing itself in increments. Nice touch and nice writing.

    For me, these thumbnails are so far the most evocative of this world you describe: 32, 33, 34, 39, 43 - but 32 really stands out because in terms of Miro's paintings, there's also the issue of the negative space around the elements - and in this image, the structures are given room to breathe and almost have a totemic quality. Indeed, there's something about this thumbnail that reminds me strongly of the sci-fi artist, Chris Foss - both in terms of the coloration of surface, and also the shape:

    I like the 'space' in thumbnail 32 - a real sense of 'coming upon' this fantastical city. I like 39 for the same reason - a proper sense of a world being created.

    This other reference has come to mind in terms of Miro's organic forms (there's something about his paintings that remind me of electronmicroscope photography of viruses and germs):

    Had you considered that this city might be constructed in 'inner space' as opposed to in the world at large? A city in a pool of water or in a petri-dish? A virus metropolis?

    I'd like to see you exploring structures more simply - following the example of thumbnail 32, and thinking too about the functionality of your city - including transport, because I'm sure when you look at Miro's paintings there's already a sense of bigger components being orbited/visited by small craft. On this note, many of Miro's paintings give the impression of floating - suspended either in the air or in liquid - so had you considered the possibility, as derived from this characteristic, that your city might be a) airborne or b) underwater?

  2. Thanks, Phil, its good to hear that the travelogue was interesting.

    I will look more at the functionality of the city and try to include some drawings or thumbnails about the smaller details of the city. I'll also explore the city in different settings (Such as being underwater, floating or micro-sized). Thanks for the feedback