Friday, 28 November 2014

What if Metropolis? - 3D Concept work

 Just a few real brief pictures of a basic 3D model of my first concept piece, this does not include the improvements I have made in my recent pieces. The top most picture features two light objects; an ambient light an a directional light, I still need to figure out lighting properly.

 This shot below is of my scene with just ambient lighting, ambient lighting seems to work pretty well. I quite like this shot of my scene.

 Below is the basic composition of my scene, I have a few concerns : it'll take quite a lot to UV render the place, I feel that it'd be easier to copy and paste certain objects (such as the railway rails and plants) than to keep UV'ing objects. I feel that this is quite a good angle and after I put in the background city the place will look nicely cluttered.

1 comment:

  1. I agree that with something like a set of railway rails, you should UV it as a template. You will save a huge amount of time and the construction will end up being far less tedious.