Monday, 13 October 2014

Thumbnails - Ersilia Concept - Lovers house

This was a really quick concept idea that occurred to me during a Photoshop session, the idea being that in the city of Ersilia a young couple, deeply in love, decided to construct their house out of string, a real romantic, small place which they could live out happily. But their relationship, through infidelity or unfaithfulness tears them apart and the house decays along with it. The red coloured string is torn into blackness with a big hole in the house, symbolizing the destruction that has been caused in their relationship. It now lies in ruins, a memento of love gone sour.

I tried to use the red colour to evoke the theme and to some extend the mood, the red being of the heart and love with the black being darkness and death (as in the death of their relationship). I quite like this idea, it would need work and I'd quite like to expand on it sometime.

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  1. as I said, I like the thinking going on here, Max :)