Monday, 13 October 2014

Thumbnails - Ersilia Concept - Enemies

This piece was drawn out of the idea that not all relationships are necessarily friendly, I tried to demonstrate a hostile relationship, arch enemies or feuding people in this picture. They both protect their land using high walls and barbed wire coils, yet their hatred of each other connects them. The wire with blood on it and the dagger demonstrating their hostile connection. The bullet casings on the floor suggest that their hostility is not passive and they actively exchange hostilities across the street regardless of the passerby.

I like this idea but I found that I wasn't able to drum up any string like ideas or items about hostility or hatred without it tearing away from the original idea of string. The orange streak at the top was unintentional. In the anthology it mentions that the people of the city disassemble their homes and rebuild them in new places, I tossed around the idea that these particular tenants do not disassemble their homes, rather they leave them standing, probably due to the fact that if one was take his home down the other would attack him during the process.

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